What is a CID?

What is a "City Improvement District (CID)?"

It is a defined geographic area within which property owners agree to pay for
services to enhance the public space.

These services of safety initiatives, cleaning and maintenance projects in the
public space are supplementary to those provided by the City of Joburg and
monthly levies are over and above the City?s rates and taxes. 

Complementary services, taken on by a City Improvement District (CID) include: 
communication and information systems connecting all businesses;

branding and marketing of the area, all of which are to retain business and attract
new business to the area. 

The provision of these services is based on a hierarchy that looks at how cities  
all over the world move from an unpleasant crime and grime experience to an
exceptional experience of being clean and safe. The type and level of services
required for each CID area is based on its needs.

The KMD area is bordered by Marlboro, Katherine Street, South Road and the M1 Freeway.

The KMD area is bordered by Marlboro, Katherine Street, South Road and the M1 Freeway.



Welcome to Kramerville

Kramerville has transformed from an industrial area into a retail, corporate, light industrial and entertainment destination.

The transformation of Kramerville can be attributed to a number of factors. In 2005 the property owners had a vision for the area and identified a need to contribute private sector funds towards making the area safe and clean. By creating a legislated City Improvement District (CID), the property owners dedicated themselves to uplifting the area.

The shift from wholesale to retail in the district has also had a huge impact on attracting the general public.

The Kramerville Management District (KMD) is patrolled by Public Safety Ambassadors (PSA’s) who not only provide security services for the public but also have the training to equip them to be general ambassadors for the area. 

The cleaners in Kramerville do general sweeping and refuse removal as well as maintaining the flower beds and trees.

Special Area and Improvement Districts (Pty) Ltd is the appointed management company of the Kramerville Management District led by Hans Jooste and his team. Hans is available to help the public, tenants and property owners with enquiries relating to the public space.